Quarterly subscription

Quarterly subscription

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Best darn subscription you’ll ever be a part of!! You, or someone you deem fit for such luxury, will receive a gift box of 16 of our drop-dead, delicious alfajores every 3 months for a full year! You select the flavor, we do the rest.

How it works:  
When you place your subscription order, I, Jessica will,personally  send your first shipment of alfajores right away. You may gobble them down upon receipt. Then I will send the remaining three shipments at the beginning of every third subsequent month, so you'll know when to wait by the mailbox. 😁

Please note: 

  • One shipping address per order. If you are purchasing subscriptions as gifts for others, we suggest you place them in separate orders.
  • Don't worry. Subscriptions do not renew automatically. We’ll include a reminder (and maybe even a discount code) to renew your subscription when we send your last shipment.