Ham and Cheese Rolls for the win

We are getting ready for the back to school week. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. So to make things a little easier I baked up some of my kids favorite things,for easy quick lunch making.

One of their favorites are these delicious ham and cheese rolls. The wait time is a little long so you'll need to put aside your morning to make these,but they are super easy and so so yummy!

Most of my recipes are passed down from great aunts and grandparents,so the ingredients and instructions are always very vague. You know, a hand full of this and a dash of that,and the instructions,well not so many. I hope my instructions are easy to understand.   

Ham and Cheese Rolls

  1. Ingredients for the dough :                                                                             
  2. 2 TBS yeast                                                                                                   
  3. 1 TBS Sugar                                                                                                 
  4. 3 cups warm water                                                                                       
  5. 1 Cup milk                                                                                                     
  6. 1 TBS salt 
  7. 1/2 cup oil                                                                                                  

 Flour start with 4 cups and add as needed until the dough doesn't stick 

Ingredients for filling:

  1. 3 cups shredded cheese (mozzarella cheese or mix)                                 
  2. 1 egg                                                                                                             
  3. 2 TBSP milk                                                                                                   
  4. 2 TBSP finely grated Parmesan                                                                   
  5. 1 tsp Oregano                                                                                               
  6. 2 cloves garlic 
  7. 3 cups chopped ham( or what ever you have for sandwich meat)                                                                                    


In a small bowl combine the sugar and yeast add warm water enough so the yeast is covered. Set aside and let the yeast rise approx 10 min.

In a large mixing bowl combine water,milk, salt, oil and warm water add approx half flour mix well

Now add the yeast/sugar mixture into the large mixing bowl. incorporate it into the flour mixture.  Start kneading the dough. (I usually turn the dough onto a floured surface for kneading)

Keep adding flour until the dough no longer sticks.

Turn the dough into a larger bowl to rise. knead if needed. Cover the dough with a towel and let rise for approx 1 hour

Filling Method:

While dough is rising cut up meat(sandwich meat any kind or farmer sausage),you decide what ever your family enjoys. once cut up place in a bowl and cover and put it in the fridge.           

 Grate cheese place in a bowl cover and put in the fridge.

in a small mixing bowl whisk one egg, add garlic, milk,Parmesan,and oregano

Rolling out the dough :

Preheat oven @425 F 

 Divide the dough into 12 portions. Roll each portion individually.Roll the dough in to a circle about half an inch thick ,and cut into fours. Half and then half again. 

Brush the egg mixture on each triangle,place ham and shredded cheeses and roll the triangles up place on baking sheet. Repeat until all the dough is used up. 

Bake approximitly 15-20 min 



Enjoy these hot or cold. I like to freeze mine and put them in the kids lunches. Easy lunch “sandwiches”

If you have any questions ask away. Let me know how they turn out for you once you’ve tried the recipe.        


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